5 Things To Do With Kids In Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not be the ideal city for children to vacation with their parents. However, there are special tourist attractions that will undoubtedly amuse the little ones at home. Without further ado, here are five activities you can do with your children in Las Vegas:

  1. Las Vegas Natural History Museum

    In addition to having fun learning about various types of dinosaurs, mammoths and other prehistoric beasts, children will learn about these amazing animals that existed thousands of years ago on Earth.

  2. CSI Las Vegas: The Experience

    The hit TV series allows kids and teens to step into the shoes of a detective to solve a mystery. They will have to find clues and solve puzzles to find the bad guys in the story.

  3. Las Vegas Silverton Aquarium

    With more than 500 tropical fish and almost 500,000 liters of salt water, the Silverton Aquarium is an excellent option for children looking to have fun and watch these sea creatures swim.

  4. Las Vegas Excalibur Kings Tournament

    Inside the Excalibur Hotel your children can witness the Tournament of Kings where duels between knights, sword fights and death-defying fights will take place.
    It seems unbelievable that they like this, but believe me, they will thank you with a kiss and hug.

  5. Las Vegas Big Shot

    Las Vegas Big Shot

    If your little ones like thrill rides, the Big Shot is a must stop while in Las Vegas. It is a pneumatically powered tower ride where you fall 50 meters in the air in 2 seconds from a height of 281 meters.

    It was for several years the highest in the world until the Sky Drop at the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China, displaced it several years ago.

    If the kids are well-behaved or you just want to spoil them, don't hesitate to take them to any of these five options, you won't regret it.

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