13 Truths And Myths About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of bright lights, high stakes, and secrets. Are there people living down the famous Strip in flood tunnels? The game is legal, however what happens once we talk about playing the lottery? To answer these questions, we will delve into 13 truths and myths about Las Vegas that many visitors (and residents) do not know.

Truth: gambling in Las Vegas was illegal

Imagine a world where gambling was illegal in Las Vegas. In 1905, an anti-gambling law practiced in the state of Nevada made gambling illegal.

Regarding the raffle, you cannot buy tickets in the metropolis. There have been moments in which a law plan was about to be admitted, however in the same way that we are today, playing the raffle in Las Vegas is impossible.

The closest place to buy a raffle ticket is Primm, California. It's about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

Gambling In Las Vegas Was Illegal
Gambling In Las Vegas Was Illegal

Myth: Las Vegas is cheap

In the past, well over 40 years ago, and the precursor to mega-hotel chains setting up camp on Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas was popular for its $ 2.99 steak dinners and cheap hotel rooms. It wasn't unusual to go and have a cheap weekend as I watched Hollywood's top acts and ate well.

Top buffets can generally be quite expensive, celebrity shows with big name shows can easily cost $ 150 per ticket, and good luck finding a decent steak dinner for less than $ 5.

Myth: you have to gamble to have fun

Many come here for a variety of causes, including business, conventions (well over 20,000 are awarded each year), shopping, shows, attractions, and some of the most luxurious hotels and spas in the world.

Truth: FedEx wouldn't be here if it weren't for gambling

You didn't have enough to pay a gigantic bill; What do you do for a living?

Others would try to take out as many loans as they have the ability to or trade the cost of the bill. Smith, founder of the transportation organization FedEx, did not make even one of those possibilities.

In the end, he pushed his luck and got it. That was enough to rescue the company from him, paying the $ 24,000 fuel bill. Without this stroke of luck, it would have been unlikely that FedEx would still exist today.


Myth: Las Vegas is not family-friendly.

While Las Vegas is famous as a more adult-friendly town, that doesn't mean that kids aren't allowed. They also have the possibility to have fun, without being confined to the hotel's game room throughout the day.

It's a carnival-themed hotel and casino with 2 kid-only venues: AdventureDome and Midway. The Midway is a floor full of carnival games where kids have the chance to win prizes. AdventureDome, however, is a correct indoor amusement park with rides for every age; Even adults have a chance to have fun!

Myth: Las Vegas is quite a hot year!

There is no doubt that throughout the summer Las Vegas is very hot, however once you travel to this Nevada desert in winter, it can get cold!

The average temperatures in Las Vegas throughout the months of December to February are 58 degrees with lows around 30. It is constantly recommended to wear a warm coat and scarf throughout these months.

Truth: people live below the Strip

Below all the hotels, casinos and restaurants are 200 miles of flood tunnels, which about 1,000 people call home. Those who live in the most vulnerable part are the ones who fell in difficult times.

Most of those who live there carve out their living spaces with furniture and clothes thrown away by others.

Founded by Beneath the Neon creator Matthew O'Brien in 2009, Shine a light is a Freedom House Sober Living program that provides housing, counseling, and other services to individuals living in the underground floodways of Las Vegas.

Myth: Las Vegas is nowhere near!

What else can you do in Las Vegas if you want to get away from all the activity?

The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston, and so much more stay pretty close if you're fascinated by nature. Of course, plan to spend at least a few days at the Grand Canyon to get a good overview.

Myth: You can drink anything on the Strip and downtown

While you can drink in public on the Strip and downtown, there is a catch. You can't walk around drinking anything. Regarding what you can drink, it could be any liquor that is continuously in a container

Myth: You can drink anything on the Strip and downtown

While you can drink in public on the Strip and downtown, there is a catch. You can't walk around drinking anything. Regarding what you can drink, it could be any liquor that is continuously in an open container and not glass. Plastic cups qualify as an open container.

Truth: the mirage is made of gold

However, there is one thing that not many people know about the extravagant gold color: it's real, well, it's technically real. While it is not made from melted gold bars (imagine the price of that), the windows remain tinted with gold dust.

Myth: prostitution is legal

It's hard to travel the Strip without seeing an advertisement or 2 with half-naked ladies. Most of the population would not know, judging by the various suggestive advertisements and shows. For those looking for legal brothels, there are small towns in Nevada that own them. One that is successful is the Moonlite BunnyRanch, owned by the late Dennis Hof.

Myth: you will never win big.

Many people assume that casinos have algorithms that prevent guests from winning huge jackpots. Instead of trying to win a bigger prize by pouring your entire history savings into slot machines, start slow and set a gaming budget.

Like constantly, head to the smaller casinos off the Strip, where slots are commonly looser.

Myth: Las Vegas is too loud, too busy, and too crazy!

However for quite a few, several others, Las Vegas gives a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that you don't need a casino or hitting the Strip.

Just 17 miles away is Red Rock Canyon, Nevada's first national conservation area, for a relaxing and rejuvenating hike amidst incredible desert scenery. Springs Preserve is a 180-acre park that was described as "Las Vegas Central Park."

Learn the truth about Sin City

From its origins, Las Vegas has been steeped in myths, half-truths and legendary stories that have taken on a life of their own over the years.

And now that you know certain myths and truths about Las Vegas, use this understanding to improve your trip.

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