Adele In Las Vegas

Get ready to enjoy a great concert because Adele will be performing in Las Vegas!

What happened with Adele's Las Vegas Residency?

2022 began with a rush of excitement at the news of Adele's Las Vegas residency. It was scheduled to start on January 21 and continue every Friday and Saturday until April 16.

However, a day before it began, with tears in her eyes, Adele communicated through her social media that she would have to postpone the dates because production deliveries were delayed due to COVD-19 infections, and it would be impossible for them to uproot the residence.

In a recent interview, Adele revealed that the real reasons why she had to postpone the dates was that she had "artistic differences" with production team. She said that as rehearsals progressed they felt with lack of soul. That was the worst moment of her career.

But the storm has finally passed and after many months of waiting, we finally have the new dates confirmed for Adele's Las Vegas residency!

What are the new dates for Adele’s Las Vegas Residency?

Adele is one of the greatest solo singers of all times, every album she release becomes a hit around the world. You sure have cry listening to “Someone Like You” and “Easy On Me” that already has more than 300 millions views only on youtube.

Now she can add to her sucessfull career “Weekends With Adele” Las Vegas Residency!

The “Weekends With Adele” Las Vegas Residency will be at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace since November 18, 2022 and will run through late March 2023. In addition to the 24 rescheduled shows, 8 new shows have been added.

So get ready, pack your bags and gather your friends because it will be a show to remember!

How much is a ticket for Adele in Las Vegas?

Tickemaster gave priority to people who already had tickets. He refunded to those who would no longer be able to attend the concerts and at the same time updated the tickets and seats for those who were still standing for the show; for that reason Ticketmaster tickets have run out, however there are still resale platforms.

But you will need to save if you don’t have a ticket yet and are planning to attend this great event because Adele’s Las Vegas residency has prices above $40,000 per seat.

For example, for the first night prices are between $600 to $41,280 on resale platforms. So stay tuned on ever platform so you could find a better and cheaper offer to attend the show.

It is exciting to see Adele returning to stage, to hear her singing live and witness the show that she has prepared for us because it will surely be first class.

While we wait for the Adele Residency to take place, you can check out the different shows Las Vegas has to offer. There are hundreds of shows for all tastes, for young and old. You just have to come to Sin City and let yourself go.

Adele In Las Vegas

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