Worst Things To Do In A Nightclub

The 7 Worst Things To Do In A Nightclub

Attention, imposters and bottle rats. If you. The ones in the corner sucking on J├Ąger and tripping on your pretty high heels. We see you. At LasVegasNightWorld, we love the Las Vegas nightlife - the song, the beauties, the way each night brings a whole new journey. Yet occasionally, we see partygoers adopting the kind of obnoxious demeanor that will clear the room faster than inopportune Britney Spears music. Don't be that person. Check out this list of nightclub missteps and see if any of them apply to you.

  1. Barefoot Ladies: Nothing, and we don't want to mention anything, it makes the nightclub staff we spoke with more uncomfortable than the females who wander without shoes, which gives the whole place a ratchet vibe, not to mention place your blackened fingers next to all the nice, clean drinks. Pro tip: pack two folding flats in your bag. (Some casinos have them in vending machines!). Even better: wear shoes that are really comfortable and practice walking in them beforehand.
    For nothing says amateur like someone staggering in their stilettos like a foal on stilts.

  2. Guys with sunglasses at the club: This idiotic style has been on the decline recently, yet we still see some of you who consider that wearing two Ray-Bans indoors makes you look like a celebrity. It is not this way. Real celebrities, this also applies to you. I mean Las Vegas, honey. We see your kind regularly. Leave the curtains in the limo.
    And our primary foundation for unease in nightclubs is ...

  3. Make It Rain - This is a high grade shift. Unless you have a stack of hundreds that you can really afford to lose, don't try.

  4. Strengthen the servers: If you were to go to a celebration at someone's home, you'd be polite and would be invited back, right? The same principle applies to clubs. Waiters walk miles across the floor every night, cleaning up spills, dealing with drunk people, and somehow being able to look hot as they make it. Show them some love, preferably by way of cash on Monday.

  5. Excess PDA: Nightclubs are sexy. For that reason we go. However alone since Chris Brown sings about putting her panties aside, this is not an invitation to do it on the dance floor. Get a room! By the way, it's Las Vegas, so you may already have one. To take advantage of.

  6. Tag Team Creepers - Type No. # 1: It hovers around you staring at you, biting you, and choking you on its not-so-minty breath. Youth # 2: "Wow, I don't even know that guy and I'm ashamed. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that ... So are you here with anyone?" Yeah, we also saw that episode of The Pickup Artist.

  7. Bottle safaris: you know, once the cute girls jump from table to table, chat with the VIPs ... and have drinks to give to their friends. Referral displacement: enter with your girls, get a free table and then have a group of boys join you at the last minute. Like it or not, Las Vegas nightlife survives because of the guys who spend money. Playing with the bait and change is going to make you look bad, and you may not be compensated in the future.

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