Things To Do In Las Vegas Pregnant

Is It Safe To Be Pregnant In Las Vegas?

Let's get this out of the way. Many people ask this question, however I personally think it is a silly question with a simple answer. Obviously, it is safe to spend a few days or a week of your pregnancy in Las Vegas.

Most Las Vegas casinos still allow smoking on the floor, however there are also non-smoking surfaces if you are really concerned about the reduced era that will actually happen in the casino.

Especially for larger hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, these hotels have air filtration systems that do a great job of keeping the air safe for kids, adults, and pregnant women to breathe. While there is room for optimization, most of us are exposed to air pollutants over and over again from all methods, especially in monumental metropolises, so it is not something that personally worries me over a period of time. days in Las Vegas.

Honestly, you just have to use good judgment and common sense to have a safe visit to Las Vegas. Get enough sleep and rest (know your body). Eat well. Keep hydrated. and so on.

There are quite a few occupations, yes, you will be restricted from doing once you visit Las Vegas pregnant, so the entire city is practically within your reach ... but there are several fun things to do in Las Vegas pregnant that are perfect , or on several occasions, even specially adapted, for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and visit Las Vegas with boys, there are also many inexpensive and age-appropriate occupations.

By the way, the lack of your ability to drink and gamble all night will force you to enjoy some of the other huge attractions of Las Vegas, such as spas, pools, shops and shows, that really have the possibility of being a totally new experience. delicious and refreshing Vegas.

Hotel Spas In Las Vegas

Once we go to Las Vegas, we constantly stay at a large hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and occasionally venture far away from the Strip (except that we once drove several stressful miles trying to find a grocery store for baby formula!). These are certain hotels to consider on the Las Vegas Strip with special massages for prenatal pregnancy for pregnant women:

  1. Serenity Spa at The Westgate Las Vegas

  2. The Mirage Spa

  3. Bellagio Spa

  4. Four Seasons Spa

  5. Luxurious Las Vegas Pools

Hotel Spa

Luxurious Las Vegas Pools

Most of the monumental hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have at least one decent pool, however there are certain ones that really go a step further and are highlighted by the impressive resort-style pool experience. Here are my favorite Las Vegas pools for families:

Luxurious Las Vegas Pools
  1. Mandalay Beach at Mandalay Bay

  2. The Mirage Pool at Mirage

  3. Garden of the Gods at Caesar's Palace

  4. The Venetian Pool at Venetian

  5. Fun Las Vegas shows

Fun Las Vegas Shows

There are many great shows to choose from in Las Vegas, yet we continually tend to gravitate toward Cirque Du Soleil shows with intense stunts, engaging storytelling, and moving song and theater. It seems that every major hotel on the Strip has their own Cirque-style show, and for good reason. These shows are great and super recognized and will give you hours of interesting talk afterwards.

  1. Beatles LOVE at the Mirage

  2. Zumanity in New York, New York

  3. KA at MGM Grand

  4. Mystere on Treasure Island

Fun Las Vegas Shows

World Class Shopping In Las Vegas

There are several places to shop in Las Vegas, however here we will focus on my favorite hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with the main shopping areas.

World Class Shopping In Las Vegas
  1. Le Boulevard in Paris

  2. Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace

  3. The shops at Mandalay Place

  4. Grand Canal Shops at Venetian

Things to do in Vegas