How To Get To The Grand Canyon

This guide on how to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas will help you make the transfer to one of the natural wonders of the world, in the most comfortable and immediate way.

Sculpted over well over 2 billion years by the Colorado water flow channel, this canyon reaches depths of well over 1,600 meters and a width of between 6 and 29 kilometers, along its 446 kilometers in length.

This monumental area causes visits to be concentrated in 3 different regions of the canyon: North Rim, the most isolated and least interesting, West Rim, which has the famous Skywalk viewpoint, and South Rim, the most visited and the one with the largest number of aspects of interest. To go to many regions, if you do not have a long time, the best alternative is to rent a car to have the independence to stop where and at what time you want, in addition to being able to do a part of the mythical Route 66.

Another more convenient option to go to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, if you are not fascinated by driving, is to book a day trip from Las Vegas, the nearest town, located less than 200 kilometers from the West Rim, as well be it by bus, plane or helicopter.

How to go to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by bus

Most Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas visit the West Rim area, being only 2 hours by road (180 kilometers), while the South Rim fragment is about 5 hours away. Along the drive to the West Rim, a private region run by the Hualapai Native Indian tribe, you can see the Hoover Dam, popular for being featured in an early Superman movie, the Mojave Desert with several Joshua and Dolan trees. Spring, a typical town in the American West.

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Once in the West Rim, you can take a shuttle to the different points of view of interest and viewpoints such as Guano Point and Eagle Point, where the great Skywalk is. This viewpoint is supported by a transparent circular platform that hangs from the canyon at an elevation of 1,400 meters and that will give you the unique sensation of walking above the Grand Canyon. In addition to going to all these places, you can also have the impressive experience of descending by helicopter to the base of the canyon and offering a boat tour through the Colorado water flow.

We advise you to book this excursion to the Grand Canyon with a guide in Spanish or this offer that includes a night tour of Las Vegas on the way back, both located in the middle of the best valued by travelers and with pick-up at various hotels in Las Vegas. If you prefer to go to the South Rim sector by bus, you can book this tour with a guide in Spanish, which includes lunch and pickup from the most famous hotels in Las Vegas. This excursion to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas will give you 3 hours to go to the most relevant viewpoints of the South Rim such as Desert View, Mather Point, Yaki Point, Yavapai Point and Grandview Point, due to the different shuttles that leave from the Park Visitor Center.

How to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by plane

A more comfortable and immediate choice to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, if you only have one day and do not want to waste a long time on transfers, more than anything if you want to know the distant part of the South Rim, is by plane. These air tours will take you to the Grand Canyon in less than an hour flying over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and a section of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

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If you choose to go to the South Rim sector, we suggest you book this excursion by plane that includes a minibus tour of the superior viewpoints and the alternative of adding a 25-minute helicopter tour of the most incredible part of the canyon, one of the sites that go to in the USA more essentials. All of these tours, located in the middle of the top Las Vegas excursions, depart from Henderson Executive Airport and include food, hotel pickup and drop-off.

Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas by helicopter

An excursion to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by helicopter is another of the most recognized ways to see this wonder of nature. By going slower than the plane, you will enjoy superior views of the Colorado water flow and all the aspects of interest that you fly over, especially if it touches you in the front, next to the pilot.

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Once you arrive in the West Rim area, you will take a tour above the Grand Canyon that will allow you to observe it from the best view, and then descend to the shore of the Colorado Water Flow for a tiny picnic. On the way back from the tour, you will be amazed with a night tour by helicopter above the Strip, one of the most essential places to go to in Las Vegas. You can book this excursion here or this one that takes place at sunset, in both with hotel pick-up.

How to get to the Grand Canyon by car

If you prefer to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas on your own, the best choice is to rent a car, even though you should consider that if you add the total amount of the car rental, gas and park entrance, it may be more expensive. to hire a tour.

The great virtue of the car is that also being able to stop wherever you want, you can spend much more than a day going to some regions of the Grand Canyon, spending the night in one of the South Rim hotels such as the recommended Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn , located 10 minutes from the park entrance. These hotels, located in the town of Tusayan, fill up quite quickly and it is advisable to book many months in advance, if you do not want to run out of space.

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The car also allows you to travel a section of the mythical Route 66 and finish the visit to the Grand Canyon starting in Las Vegas, if you choose to go to the South Rim area. To catch this section you will have to deviate in Kingman, taking the road in the direction of Peach Springs and stopping in one of its most famous towns such as Seligman and Williams.

Once you get to the entrance of the park you have to pay about $ 35 per car and they will allow you to enter certain of the viewpoints, the others you will have to approach with the various routes that the shuttles that leave from the Visitor Center make. A good way to top off your visit to the South Rim is to book this helicopter tour that departs from the Maverick Helicopters Terminal in Tuyasan.

If you prefer to visit the West Rim sector, you will not go through Route 66 and you will have to pay about $ 60 for access. Once in the park you can take the bus to get to Guano Point, Eagle Point with the famous Skywalk and Hualapai Ranch, inhabited by an old native tribe. To finish the experience you can book this pack that includes the entrance, the helicopter tour and the boat through the Colorado water flow or this one that only takes the helicopter flight.

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