Latino Clubs In Las Vegas

Where Should You Go?

If you've been to Las Vegas clubs previously, you know that there hasn't been much plurality in music genres. Until recently, you could only choose between 2 possibilities: hip-hop (with certain Top 40) or EDM.

It goes without saying that this paucity of possibilities has left several guests with too many triumphs. Fortunately though, all of the above is starting to change with at least one Latino club in Las Vegas now.

Best Latin Club in Las Vegas: Omnia

Today, Omnia at Caesars Palace is the exclusive nightclub that gives song in Spanish. (KAOS used to have a phenomenal wit weekly, but sadly, that site has closed). Hopefully more clubs will follow suit and add several Latin nights to their rosters.

Omnia Latin Club

Wish Latin Sundays

Starting last year, Omnia's Latin nights have been gaining fame. So much, by the way, that the club has dedicated a whole day of the week to the Latin melody. Better known as Quiero Latin Sundays, Omnia does these events 2 times a month. The specific Sundays that Omnia has Latin nights are determined several weeks in advance. You can check the Omnia Nightclub calendar to see when the next Quiero event is scheduled. However, it is worth noting that there may be one or two months of the year in which there cannot be an event. This happens throughout the winter, because there are fewer people in the metropolis. So if you want to see Quiero Latin Sunday, it is a good initiative to visit Las Vegas from spring to fall.


Throughout the summer months, Latin nights are celebrated on Omnia Nightclub's separate outdoor terrace. From here, you will fly over the Las Vegas Strip. Frankly, it is one of the best views of the metropolis. The perspective lines are so incredible that it is for that reason that Omnia belongs to the top clubs in Las Vegas on New Years Eve. Even though the terrace is smaller than Omnia's primordial room, the energy is strong. If you ask us, a more intimate club atmosphere is consistently good. It's guaranteed to feel like a celebration even on the quietest Las Vegas nights. Now, if it's chilly outside, the I Want event will move inside the hip-hop venue, Heart of Omnia. And if there is a big event in the city or if it is a festive weekend, like the Independence Day of Mexico, it will be in the main room of Omnia.

Bottle specials

Now the best part about Latin nights at Omnia is the discounted bottle costs. For example, if you were to receive table service any other night, the costs of the bottles would start at about $ 600. However, if you go to Omnia on Quiero Latin Sunday, you can order select bottles starting at about $ 300 to $ 400.

That's a savings of up to 50%!

Lower table minima

Plus you can get lower minimums on table service. This means you can get a better table location for the money. For example, if the club has a big Quiero event in the main room, the cost of the table can range from $ 1,500 to $ 4,000. However, if I want is on the terrace or in Heart, then the cost can be even lower, like the minimum cost of a bottle. Now, if you compare those rates to a Friday or Saturday at Omnia, you may find that the table costs are dramatically higher. In most cases, the primary room costs on these nights start around $ 4,000 and go up to well over 10,000, depending on the DJ.

Guest List

If you'd rather not get the Omnia bottle service, you can consistently earn free income by signing up for the club's guest list. Generally, women have free access until around 12:30 a.m. M. If you are a group of children, you can also sign up for the guest list. However, in most cases, it will require having at least a uniform proportion of females and males as a whole. It is also essential to know that the rules of the Omnia guest list vary according to demand. For example, if a lot of people come, the club can cut the list at any time and charge coverage on their site. So even if your name is on the list, free access is not guaranteed.


If your outfit is not eligible for the guest list, it is best to buy tickets online. We constantly propose to get them at least a few days in advance. In most cases, Omnia removes your pre-sale tickets from its website on the day of the event. If you wait until the night of the event to get your ticket, it will cost

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