Katy Perry Land In Las Vegas

Throughout history singers: Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Elvis Presley, among others, have resided in Las Vegas to offer a series of concerts per season in the most luxurious hotels of the so-called: "City that never sleeps".

The "Pop princess", Britney Spears, had a great success between 2013 and 2017 after giving 250 concerts in Las Vegas, which generated earnings close to 140 million dollars.

Winner of five American Music Awards and six Billboard Music Awards, singer Katy Perry is the latest pop superstar to land in this city in the state of Nevada to offer her show in the first months of this 2022.

In response to the great demand generated for the 8 concerts agreed, Perry extended her residency at the Resort World Las Vegas for another 8 shows until March 19.

Positive reviews

Play, as Perry's show is known, has received good reviews from critics. Mark Gray from Rolling Stone said that "the production was larger than life", further adding: "the show is quintessential Perry, who indulged the emotional, the over-the-top, the whimsical, the psychedelic, and even the cheesy over the course of 95 minutes".

Melinda Sheckells of Billboard also gave a positive review, stating that Perry "left another unforgettable mark on the Strip in front of a sold-out, all-ages crowd of 5,000 loudly purring KatyCats," further adding: "'Perry Playland' transports the audience into another dimension of rainbow fluff, heart-shaped confetti and larger-than-life anthropomorphic household objects - it's part fantasy, part hallucination and thoroughly high-camp Perry.

Duration and track list

Throughout the 95-minute runtime, "KP" will perform most of his greatest hits such as: "I Kissed a Girl", "California Gurls", "Hot n Cold", "Roar", Teenage Dream", "Firework", among many others.

Unique Opportunity

If you are in Las Vegas on vacation or even for work, do not miss the opportunity to be one of the five thousand lucky people to witness the magnificent show of one of the most important pop artists of this century, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better known as Katy Perry.

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