What Not To Do In Vegas

Buying bottled water or using casino ATMs is something you should avoid

Las Vegas is one of the cities where you can do everything and this makes it one of the most impressive cities, but to fully enjoy your vacations you should not only read the recommendations of what to do, but also those of what to avoid and not take a bad taste in your mouth on your next trip.

Avoid dressing this way

If you are a girl and you think that wearing high heels will make you look good, you are correct, however in Las Vegas, with the long distances that are traveled from one place to another you will end up exhausted and with your feet sore. Imagine that you walked about 5 miles. Are your heels the best idea? Better to reserve them for the night, in places where you avoid walking a lot.

Going to a nightclub is something you should avoid doing, most of the prestigious establishments in Las Vegas have a dress code and even if you have enough money to spend in the place, if you do not have the correct clothes, they will simply deny you the entrance! We show you a list of clothes and accessories that you should avoid wearing:

  • Hats
  • Ripped denim
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses

Here are 5 things you should avoid doing in Las Vegas if you don't want to be involved in negative situations

Casino ATMs:

Avoid using casino ATMs to withdraw money because their additional fees are usually from $ 10 per movement.

Casino ATMs
Buy Water

Buy water:

You should avoid buying bottled water since its sale is illegal; also because the bottles are often reused and this water does not have any verification system, it can even be tap water and has health risks. For your health, please do not buy it.

Free shows:

In the famous street "Strip" there are promoters of shows who are in charge of distributing flyers announcing the power to attend shows at no cost, but in reality there is a minimum consumption and excessive service charges.

Free Shows
Rent a Car

Rent a car:

The main hotels and attractions in Las Vegas are mainly located on the "Strip", an avenue that runs through the city that is always congested with traffic, so we recommend you walk or use taxis.

Getting married:

It is something that many celebrities have done but apparently it is not that fun, since you must pay a fee of approximately 40 dollars and it is most likely that in the end you decide to divorce. Better think twice.

Getting Married

Things to do in Vegas